Connect data from any source

Make disparate data assets accessible and available for Model Development. Connect data from any cloud, on-premises, or proprietary system using collection of over 75 Connectors

Scheduled Updates

Automate replications with recurring incremental updates.​

Extensible with your own connectors​​

Build connectors in the language of your choice​

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Transform your data into features to train models and make predictions.​

Transform raw data into feature values, store the values, and serve them for model training and online predictions using katonic’s Integrated Feature Store. ​

Ensure consistency across training and serving​

Guarantees you’re serving the same data to models during training and inference, eliminating training-serving skew.​

Automate feature transformations​

Orchestrate data pipelines to generate backfills and continuously compute fresh feature values. ​

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Quality models built fast at scale​

Build high-quality models and release them to production faster, with self-serve access to the latest tools and scalable compute.

Katonic Supports all of these popular platforms and frameworks—plus many, many more.

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Deploy Models to Production in Seconds​

Deploys the model’s native runtime image (e.g. Python, R, H2O, etc) into a containerized endpoint in just a few click with elastic scaling, high availability, and reliability.

Integration with the model registry allows data scientists to track model versions and seamlessly update models when needed.​

Generate predictions for both Batch and real time processing.​

Configure canary deployment for incremental model rollouts.​​

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Continuous Model monitoring​

Monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of a deployed model with a simple dashboard integrated with Model Registry and Feature Store.​

Get real-time insights and alerts on model performance and data characteristics​.​

debug anomalies and initiate trigger to execute ML production pipelines to retrain the models with new data, depending on your use case​​

Security and Control

Katonic ML Ops Platform provides multi-tenancy and data isolation to ensure logical separation between each project, group, or department within the organization. The platform integrates with enterprise security and authentication mechanisms such as LDAP, Active Directory . Different project teams, groups, or departments across the enterprise can share the same infrastructure and access the same data sources for their AI / ML and Big Data analytics workloads

Seamless integrates with your identity infrastructure using existing LDAP or SSO.​.​

Katonic is ISO 27001 certified, and a copy of our report is available upon request.​​

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