Plans & Pricing

Whether you are focused on single experiment or managing a complex array of intelligent products that need full traceability and governance, our plans are designed to scale to your needs.



Installs in your private AWS, GCP, or Azure account
Includes Data Connectors
Single workspace
Best Effort Support
Includes Kubernetes-based autoscaling Model Deployment and Monitoring
Cloud $ 349 /user/mon
Installs in your private AWS, GCP, or Azure account
Includes Data Connectors and Drag and Drop Pipeline Editor
Includes collaboration features like Share Experiments, Notebooks, Datasets
Includes Kubernetes-based autoscaling Model Deployment and Monitoring
Dedicated Slack Support
Enterprise Contact Us
Installed on Your Infrastructure, On Cloud or On-Premise
Fully custom & controlled
Connectable and expandable
Enterprise-level onboarding and support
Dedicated Enterprise Support Team, 24X7, 365 days
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Image Description

Pick the plan that works best for you

Community Free Cloud $349/user/mon Enterprise Contact Us
Core features
Unified UI to manage all your Data Science
Create and manage Jupyter Notebook servers
Create and manage RStudio and VS Code servers
Train your models using your favorite framework
Define ML workflows as pipelines of containerized steps
Scalable training environments with secure access to big data
Run experiments comparing pipeline runs
Optimize models with hyperparameter tuning
Flexible, scalable, endpoint deployment
Operationalize ML workflows on Kubernetes
Git integration
Cloud Storage Integration
Data Connectors
End-to-end visibility across the ML pipeline
ML models versioning
Custom Images
Share Experiments, Notebooks, Datasets
Share namespaces across team
Pipeline scheduling
Real-time prediction API
Drag and Drop Peipline Builder
Perform hyperparameter tuning from within notebook
Automate pipeline building
Deployment Options
Private Cluster (AWS, GCP, AZURE)
Fully Hosted, Customer Cloud
Fully Hosted, On-Prem
Team and Collabration
Multi-users Up to 20 Unlimited
User & Team Management
Role-based security
LDAP support
SSO support
Secure multi-tenancy
Test same ML code across training and production environments
Share notebooks and datasets across clusters
Share notebooks between users
Run pipelines across clusters and clouds
Customer Support and Success
Support Best efforts through Slack Dedicated Slack-based support Dedicated Support Team, 24X7, 365 days
Email Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Early access to betas
Live chat and faster response SLAs