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By Rishabh Arora

Demystifying AI & ML — Grandmother Series

Wish there was an easier way to understand Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learnings concepts and what it could do for you? Read on as our in-house expert Rishabh Arora demystifies these concepts in a simple, practical, and snackable bites just for you!

What’s the first thing you think about when someone mentions AI/ML?


Thoughts of a dystopian world where machines are taking over our lives? Arnold Schwarzenegger from the terminator? You are not alone.


For most people, AI/ML is as alien as a language from another planet and python a man-eating reptile from the deserts of the Australian outback. However, you would be surprised that applications of AI and ML are more common and more in use than you think. Then why should AI/ML cause so many jitters for so many people?

Given that at, we are in the business of combining the best Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, and Big Data technologies with human intuition, I thought it would be a good idea to create a short guide for beginners out there to better understand these concepts. 🚀

Let us make a start by defining AI in as simple terms as possible.😎


AI is intelligence built-in non-living beings, machines in this case. Intelligence is the ability to remember past events, comprehend the present, and make predictions for the future. When a machine is able to analyze the data generated from past events, real-time stream of data from current events, and create intelligence out of it we say that it has AI. Grandmother Example — when you search a place on google and it shows how busy it gets during the day — that is AI as the machine has analyzed past and real-time search and location data and is giving you an intelligent answer.

Simple isn’t it?

The next post will cover ML in the Grandmother Speak series


Simplicity does not mean “less smart”. We at Katonic are trying to make things “smart” yet “simple”.