Free 60 Mins MLOps Workshop

Book a free 60 Mins MLOps workshop with our experts to understand how MLOps can help your organisation unlock the power of your data to solve a wide range of business problems from classification & recognition to prediction and forecasting.

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What you'll learn:

  • Building, deploying and managing machine learning from research to production on a single platform.
  • Working with GPU-Powered collaborative Jupyter workspaces, open source libraries and frameworks
  • Data Ingestion & Transformation
  • Integrating and connecting data from over 100 sources securely.
  • Model Serving and Management
  • Reducing deployment friction with self-service model delivery.
  • Operational Pipeline Deployment.
  • Converting Jupyter Notebooks to Kubeflow Pipelines automatically.
  • Model Training & Evaluation
  • Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Hyperparameter Optimization

Who is it for:

Data Scientists, Machine Learning Developers, DevOps Engineers


A basic understanding of Machine Learning concepts and Kubernetes.