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Distributed ML on Kubernetes helps data scientists, data engineers and developers to quickly build, deploy and manage machine learning from research to production.

The platform is based on the popular Kubeflow framework, bringing together its powerful components and enhancing them with Entity Resolution and Automated Feature Engineering.

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How Can Katonic Help ?

  • Go From Prototype to Production in Minutes Instead of Months
  • Unlock the Power of ML on Kubernetes
  • Machine Learning on any Infrastructure
  • Accelerate Time to Value , Save on Production Costs
  • Notebooks-First Approach
  • Enterprise Security and Multi-tenancy
  • Deliver Models to Production with Speed and Agility
  • End-to-end data science automation vs. machine learning automation

The Katonic Advantage

Open Frameworks

Access any framework of your choice right out of the box, without spending time applying custom code. Katonic supports the best machine learning and deep learning frameworks: Tensorflow, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, Keras, Hugging Face, FastAI, and more.

Enterprise Security and Multi-tenancy

End-to-end secure enterprise-grade ML platform with multi-tenancy, authentication, and identity services to run entire ML pipelines securely and efficiently.

Feature Engineering in Hours, not Months

Automated feature engineering with Katonic allows one to create thousands of features automatically from a set of related tables using a framework that can be easily applied to any problem.

Portability through MLOps

Allow to run ML workload to run anywhere/any platform seamlessly. E.g. Laptop, Cloud, On-prem, OS. MLOPS capability enabling robust scaling, governance, integration, monitoring and management of various AI models.

Train Models Automatically

Katonic supports all state-of-the-arts machine learning algorithms, including scikit-learn, XGBoost, LightGBM, TensorFlow and PyTorch. It automatically tunes all these algorithms to build accurate predictive models, with scalable distributed computation.

Comprehensive Platform to Support End-to-End ML Projects

Shorten the onboarding of new users and ML initiatives with a complete toolkit powered by Kubeflow and a toolkit of Python deep learning frameworks and NLP libraries.

Two Products for End To End Enterprise Data Science

Works with the tools you use

An automated and integrated approach

Deployment options

On Prem

Cloud Hosted Model


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