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Augmented Intelligence
for IT Operations

Katonic is an AI start-up that assimilates data from cross-domain sources & combines machine intelligence with human intuition to solve challenges of IT Operations.

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How Can Katonic Help ?

  • Minimize downtime of business services
  • Improve productivity with real-time visibility of business services
  • Unified analysis across IT managed tool stack
  • Agility to keep up with the rate of technology change
  • Identify and solve problems faster; prevent future problems
  • Optimize operational processes
  • Scale to manage increasing complexity and data volumes
  • Use cognitive pattern technology to reduce event noise

The Katonic Advantage

Compatible with your existing architecture

Katonic is designed to augment your existing systems, not rip and replace. It works seamlessly with all of your existing tools – monitoring, change, data lakes, data warehouses, ETL tools, ticketing & collaboration tools.

Transparency and trust

Katonic’s Machine Learning platform built on Kubeflow and Kubernetes gives your team unprecedented transparency, testability, and control

Unparalleled speed to value

With pre-trained ML models and Prebuilt Dashboards, tons of integrations, and a rapid deployment model, you’ll be live in just 8 – 12 weeks.

Portability through MLOps

Allow to run ML workload to run anywhere/any platform seamlessly. E.g. Laptop, Cloud, On-prem, OS. MLOPS capability enabling robust scaling, governance, integration, monitoring and management of various AI models.

Data visualization & IT dashboards

Powerful, interactive data visualizations and IT dashboards empower everyone from casual to power users. Delivers a range of end-user data visualization and analytical techniques that are powerful and easy to use.


Katonic Platform allows Data Scientists to build their own ML Models. Onboard all your existing AI/ML models on to Katonic Platform ensuring 24×7 monitoring, compliance, visibility, and full governance.

Katonic Platform Solution

Get Started Quickly

Our pre-built, connectors enable us to connect to a wide range of IT applications quickly while being responsive to changes happening at the underlying data sources. The connectors understand the content and context of a wide range of commonly deployed IT systems.



Planning & Governance

Deployment options

On Prem

Cloud Hosted Model


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